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how do u manage tough and demanding situations

2 Answers

cooked up some stories

Think outside the box. Make the consequences work out for you no matter what.

my past experience in Accenture

1 Answer

Experience n your previous workplace.

1 Answer

Are you willing to support employees home PC/technical issues if they asked you?

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More of Technical questions on windows, vmware and infrastructure

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Interconnect billing related question

1 Answer

First Round SQL, Sorting algorithms, Stacks, IQ related questions Why are you leaving your current company? Second Round Troubleshooting errors/ framework used Third Round You're driving across a stranded bus stop in heavy rain, you see three people at the bus stop, your best friend, your soulmate and an ailing old lady. You can only fetch and rescue one person in your car. Who do you pick?

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Basic IT and technology questions

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what is the reason for leaving current employer

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