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InSemi Technology Services
DFT Engineer was asked...14 March 2021

Based on digital electronics and basics of DFT

2 Answers

Can you please tell the questions asked.

Can you please tell the questions asked.


coding of fifo the condition for full and empty fifo

1 Answers

i answered it wrong....


Design gates with a known gates

1 Answers

that is easy one just review the digital logic


Basic Digital design and Basic DFT

1 Answers

I answered them very well

Intel Corporation

Where do you want to work?

1 Answers

Santa Clara

Incise Infotech

Introduce about yourself, VLSI basic concepts and then most of the questions from Dft

1 Answers

i am dft trained frsher

SeviTech Systems

It's very basic questions for freshers from the subject(DFT for me)

1 Answers

I answered quite well.

XYZ (Turkey)

explain asic flow in detail

1 Answers

scan flow

Cadence Design Systems

Design JK flip flop using verilog

1 Answers

By designing the same


I was asked to write write FSM for a basic controller in verilog (language specific).

1 Answers

I drew the FSM on the white board, and wrote the controller using the basic template of Mealy machine in verilog. Less

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