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DFT Engineer was asked...6 October 2022

To explain bus contention DRC.

Synapse Design
DFT Engineer was asked...12 September 2022

1st round: What is DFT Explain boundary scan architecture What is scan chain insertion Can we test a chip in nowadays without DFT How EDT works What is LOC and LOS and the main difference How you can do scan stitching


example for a question - design Logic gates using mux . Designing AND OR NOT and flip flops

Micron Technology

Draw a CMOS gate. Given the circuit write out the boolean equation.

Juntran Technologies

what is scan

Juntran Technologies

what r the inputs for scan insertion


One engineer asked about python based questions such as duck typing, objects vs structures, abstraction, and some data structure questions. They're looking for people with solid coding backgrounds and interest in hardware.

Juntran Technologies

Sorry but I don't remember any depth Q's but be through with your basics

Tecquire Solutions

Explain Setup and hold time

1 Answers

Time before the active edge of the clock for that input needs to be stable is setup time and time after active edge of the clock the input needs to be stable known as hold time Less

Analog Devices

Design NAND gate using only CMOS? Asked about projects etc

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