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Vital Labs
R&D Engineer was asked...21 February 2018

Collection,interface, difference set nd list???

16 Answers

package Virtusa; import java.util.*; class Test{ public static void main(String[] args) { // This is a book System.out.println("Enter String with first alphabet is capital:"); Scanner st=new Scanner(; String s=st.nextLine(); char[] c= s.toCharArray(); int max=c.length,min=0; for(int i=c.length-1;i>=0;i--) { if(c[i]==' ' ){ min=i; printWord(c,min+1,max); max=min; } } printWord(c,0,max); } private static void printWord(char[] c, int min, int max) { if(c.length == max){ c[min] = Character.toUpperCase(c[min]); } if(min == 0){ c[min] = Character.toLowerCase(c[min]); } for(int i=min;i Less

U selected?

Friends is anyone got selected for the RD engineer post??

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Works Applications

Check if there exist duplicates in array or not

5 Answers

hey did you get the offer letter or any joining date yet ??

Not yet.

same here

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LG Electronics

what experience do you have?

5 Answers

especially on involving organization on campus

18 years in all engineering jobs

Lead my team in Ups service maintenance, pcb design for hotel nececity, computer software and hardware instalation and repairing, electronic devices repairing, such as television, monitor display, lcd projector, laptop and pc motherboard repairing, electrical and electronic installation in hotel project, mecanical devices such pneumatic, actuator, etc Less

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Dassault Systemes

Logical: You are given 2 mugs of 3l and 5l capacity and a giant water tank of unlimited water. You have to contain 4ltrs water in a 5ltr mug. You can take out water from the tank unlimited times and throw water from the mug outside an unlimited number of times.

3 Answers

Explain Hosting ith example.

Fill the 3l and pour that into 5l bowl. Now again fill 3l bowl and pour the water into the partiality filled bowl till it is full. Now u have 1l in 3l bowl and 5l in 5l. Now empty the 5l bottle and pour in the remaining 1l from the first bowl. Now fill the 3l bowl and pour it into the 5l bowl. The water remaining is 4l. Less

fill 5l mug pour it in in 3l mug remaining 2l in 5l mug now empty 3l mug n pour 2l from 5l mug to 3l mug again fill 5l mug n pour 1l to 3l mug to make it full remaining is 4l in the 5l mug Less


You have x and y variables. Swap the values without using a 3rd variable.

3 Answers


x=5; y=2; x=x+y; //x=5+2=7 x=7 y=x-y; //y=7-2=5 y=5 x=x-y;//x=7-5=2 x=2



Tell me about yourself

3 Answers

Did they email to u to tell u are rejected?

Nope. No news till date

am automation programer


I was asked general questions about software. Very little detailed knowledge-based questions. In the F2F, I was asked to describe what a snippet of Verilog code would do. In the F2F, I was asked to talk about design methodology. I was asked a lot of questions about engineering process. In the followup Skype session, I presented a proposal for how to integrate Python as a prototyping language in their process of converting from Labview-based HMI to text-language-based HMI.

2 Answers

"After the HR process effectively removed a significant part of my compensation package,..." Interesting. Less

I answered the questions comfortably, and thought I was treated with the utmost respect. I liked the team very much. I was offered a job and initially accepted it, but had serious problems with the HR department. They have a culture of inflexibility that needs some work. After the HR process effectively removed a significant part of my compensation package, I had to decline the position. I have since read the other reviews about TECO and they are consistent with my experience. I loved the team. They have some wonderful, talented people. I hated to say no, but the HR debacle gave me an insight into the corporate culture, and made me feel that the company would be hard to work for. My sense of the dysfunctionality of HR and perhaps management in general was reinforced by my belated reading of the glassdoor reviews of current and former employees. Less

Samsung R&D Institute India - Noida

Data Structures, Memory allocation, Algorithms, Bit manipulation etc. and about your previous projects.

2 Answers

Kindly post the coding question.

What was the coding question?

Tejas Networks

What are the events dat occur when we write something in the browser till the results appear??

2 Answers

google it out

you explained how DNS works... right?

Agilent Technologies

What voltage would produce a constant current through a capacitor?

2 Answers

A ramp.

linearly growing or decaying voltage

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