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PathPartner Technology
Xillinx Software Engineer for VLSI was asked...29 August 2016

Difrence between synchronous and asynchronous

2 Answers

Dint say

In asynchronous ckt, the output does not depends on clock, it depends on the reset of the device only Less

Dxcorr Design

Stick diagram for 3 input Nand gate.

2 Answers

I knew the stick diagram. So I was able to answer it.

I knew

Dxcorr Design

1) Be prepare on basics of logic design---FF,counter,adder,subtractior,Decoder

1 Answers

Location sir

Tell me something about yourself. Why you are choosing to be a VLSI Design or Verification Engineer. You are interested in data science and choosing VLSI, why?

1 Answers

I answered very well

InSemi Technology Services

Question based on digital electronics, verilog, edc.

1 Answers

Just clear the basics concept.


Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

How do you fix crosstalk ?


5: universal gates

1 Answers

Nand and nor gates

Analog Devices

Mainly Digital electronics was asked... Flipflops synchronous counter... FSM....

1 Answers

Refer to a specific book digital integrated circuits be good in thought process

Intel Corporation

discuss about charge sharing

1 Answers

Charge sharing is one of the main issues in Dynamic logic. Charge stored at the output load is redistributed or shared among capacitance of other transistors which are in evaluation phase.This leads to reduced output level Less


function to count the number of ones in system verilog

1 Answers


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