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An investment analyst must have a strong grasp of finance, fine-tuned organisation skills and firm research abilities. When interviewing for a position as an investment analyst, expect to talk about how you handle high levels of stress on the job, as well as your ability to manage your time and stay organised in a fast-paced environment.

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Top Investment Analyst Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top investment analyst interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Can you talk about your research and analysis process?

How to answer: Not only do interviewers want to know how you collect data, but they also want to make sure you are familiar with important finance terms and capable of explaining them to others. Additionally, employers want to know how you verify the accuracy of the information you are researching.

Question No. 2: What qualities do you think an investment analyst should have?

How to answer: This question tests your knowledge of the job position. Prove you've done your research by citing the job description and discussing how you have the qualities they are asking for. Some skills you might want to talk about include time-management skills, communication skills and research skills.

Question No. 3: Do you work well as a member of a team?

How to answer: Employers want to make sure you can work well with their current staff. When answering this question, talk about your teamwork skills and your experience working with others. Highlight your ability to complete tasks quickly and efficiently when collaborating with others.

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Wells Fargo
Investment Banking Summer Analyst was asked...4 October 2022

Q: Why would you want to work at Wells versus another investment bank? Q: Walk me through the impact of a $10 increase in D&A through the three financial statements. Q: Explain the concept of WACC.


Why do you want to work here?

MCE Social Capital

Many related to the job

Goldman Sachs

It sounds like you might be a type-A personality, how do you feel about the fact that you'll have to often buckle down and just do boring work?


Tell me about yourself and why you are interested in Citi

Goldman Sachs

1. Why Goldman Sachs? 2. Why Investment Banking? 3. What's a recent deal found interesting? 4. What are the main valuation methods 5. Walk me through a DCF? 6. How do you calculate WACC? 7. Name valuation multiples. 8. What type of multiple would you use when evaluating an early stage tech company and why?

Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan

How would you go about projecting revenue down to EBITDA?

Zurich Insurance

Excel, y % de variacion


Valuations based, Dcf based, Financial statements based

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