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What is the most complicated usage of Java that you know?

1 Answer

Multi-threaded java applications and the application of design patterns such as MVC. Then proceed on to explain why I considered them the most complicated usage of Java that I know.

FizzBuzz problem and SQL problem for codility. Three lion three zebra river bank problem for technical round in addition to personality questions

About how to find the maximum profits in the given variable

Written test: 15 logical test(multi-optional test) + java based questions. Java based questions like some about RDBMS, maven options, JVM options, implement Singleton, dirty read, prepared statement VS callable statement differences, HashMap VS Map differences etc. First round interview: Ask like data collections, when to use different collections, and what is the ArrayList implementation, also ask a code writing for reverse String. What is HashSet and some questions about hashcode. Second round interview: No technical questions, only what is your strength what is your weakness and why your teammates like you and do you have any questions?

How to improve the performance of your code ?

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