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Metis Technology Solutions
Junior Network Operations Analyst was asked...16 July 2021

What experience do you have with presentations among superiors (managers, professors, etc.)

1 Answers

I mostly have presented in front of my peers and professors, and when met with some pushback I can find a good balance of listening to suggestions and also staying firm in what I have researched. Less


There is a football match with 22 players (11+11). The average age is X. One of them is expelled, and the average age now is Y. Tell me how old was the expelled player.

1 Answers

(num. players * x) - ((num.playes-1) * y) if x = 22 and y = 21, then (22 * 22) - ((22-1) * 21) = 43 Less

Alfa Energy Group

Are you extrovert or introvert?

1 Answers

In between. I cannot classify myself because I'm both in some situations and it's hard to choose just one. Less


Asked general questions and live data challenge. In live data challenges they asked assignment based questions.

la Vie en Rose

Why do you want to work for us at this job?

Elephant Insurance

Tell me about your experience using excel to transform and present data.


Tell me about your strength and weakness.

Institutional Shareholder Services

How do you manage your workload?

Evercore Partners

Why do you want to work here

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