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Kindergarten Teacher was asked...15 February 2015

If you were outside with your group of students and someone is injured, how would you respond?

3 Answers

I wouldn’t leave the injured child base on The ratios of students it should be another adult if not I’ll sent a leader to get the nearest adult for assistance Less

I would tend to the student's injury first. I would not leave the other students unsupervised, so I would definitely call in or call on the radio to someone in the building for assistance. However, the response could also vary depending on the situation. Less

I wouldn't want to leave the injured child alone, so I would call or radio in to someone inside the building to come assist or call for help - depending on what was appropriate/necessary. Less

Cadence Education

How do you help young children adjust to being without their parents?

2 Answers

Learning by playing education .

As soon as parents drop them off, take them to an area that is fun , educational and sit on floor with them. Keep them busy with activities until they are no longer thinking about mom or dad. Less

Movement School

mock lesson portion of the interview was on how you would execute guided reading during a small group setting

1 Answers

By making chart for both goals of the lesson and then, I read the book they chose for the guided reading. Less

Endeavor Schools

How would I problem solve and teach a group of students younger than what I had previously taught?

1 Answers

I was used to educating older children and related back to summer camp experiences and my love of developing projects. Getting to know students important. They are advanced program and were much higher than typical kindergarten level. Less


Strongest points, past experience, weakest points, what creativity I would bring to the role, what my expectations were, how I would handle parents. Some scenario based questions about the actual running of a kita as well as the timelines that I would be able to set this up. How long I had lived in Berlin and what my long term plan was. Whether I was able to start immediately. Finally, they asked me to comment on the assessment presentation I made and talk them through the process I went through to develop it.

1 Answers

I answered them to the best of my ability.

New York Public Library

Name your experience teaching young students

1 Answers

I have not taught in the Us

Tell something about your previous experiences.

1 Answers

I just elaborate what is in my resume.

Championship Academy

What is my approach to classroom discipline and management?

1 Answers

I believe in a fair but firm approach. I think students must know there are consequences to choices that hurt the learning environment. Less

Ministry of Education Singapore

What is the role of a kindergarten teacher?

1 Answers

To nurture the children from young

Spring Branch Independent School District

Familiarity with small group interactions

1 Answers


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