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Capstone Logistics
Lead was asked...9 May 2013

Can you pass a drug test?

16 Answers

It's a urinalysis which isn't very accurate. I know of people who smoke that got in.. which an associate who comes to work high makes me uncomfortable.. have a cool accident then what Less



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If you're given a jar with a mix of fair and unfair coins, and you pull one out and flip it 3 times, and get the specific sequence heads heads tails, what are the chances that you pulled out a fair or an unfair coin?

11 Answers

"If you don't know how unfair the coins are then you have to compare fair vs. not fair. A fair coin Pf = 1/2 probability of heads or tails and therefore has a 1/(2^3) = 1/8 probability of going HHT. An unfair coin has a probability P*P*(1-P) = 2*(P^2) - (P^3) of going HHT. Integrating across P from 0 to 1, you also get 1/8. Therefore, whether the coin was biased or not, you had an even chance when you got HHT that the coin was fair or not fair (50%). However, if you were to know the distribution of the coins in the jar between fair and not fair, you would be able to estimate the probability the coin was fair based on that distribution." For this above comment: Isn't P*P(1-P) = P^2-P^3? The integral of that should be (1/3)(x^3) - (1/4)(x^4). If you integrate over 0 to 1 you would get a probability of 1/12. How are you justifying HHT to be P*P*(1-P) for an unfair coin that goes HHT - could you explain? If 1/12 is correct, I assume you have 60% probability of pulling a fair coin and a 40% probability of pulling an unfair coin? Less

An unfair coin is weighted (biased) towards one of the sides (head or tails). Since we don't know how many coins are unfair, or whether they are bias towards heads or tails, we cannot decide the probability more closely, than 50/50. Either we did, or did not pull out a fair coin. Less

I agree with Kevin. Both and unfair and a fair coin could have the given results in only three trials. The only way to tell if that specific coin is fair or unfair is by conducting more trials. And, since we don't know how many fair or unfair coins there are in the jar, we can only say that the coin is one or the other. If this is a trick question based on wording, you could say that there's a 100% chance that the coin is either fair or unfair. Less

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Alliance Global Tech
Tech Lead was asked...3 September 2021

What you can put on the table?

8 Answers

am an excellent listener, which allows me to show concern and empathy for clients. have proven a strong ability to articulate a clear message, which is helpful in trying to help students understand challenging topics. I am highly organized, which helps me keep neat files and manage time well, which is important in a job where people count on you to coordinate many activities in a busy office. Less

Responsibility and all my legal experience.

Responsibility and all my legal experience.

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Do you feel your child will affect your ability to work ?

5 Answers

Illegal question!!!!

Yes they are in fact allowed! It's no illegal in the least. If it were a disability you have, that might be illegal. But if you have a child or are in college, they ABSOLUTELY have a right to ask if it might interfere with work. Less

nless you volunteered that you have a child, it is absolutely illegal to ask if you have children. Referencing "HR World" What you can't ask: Do you have or plan to have children? Clearly, the concern here is that family obligations will get in the way of work hours. Instead of asking about or making assumptions on family situations, get to the root of the issue by asking directly about the candidate's availability. What to ask instead: Are you available to work overtime on occasion? Can you travel? Less

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Dollar General

Do you have reliable transportation?

5 Answers




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Most of the technical questions focused on power supply design. For this position this is a one of the more difficult tasks so they want to know how switching regulators work and different trade offs involved.

5 Answers

What you said is correct but they are more interested in you showing that you understand how those work togeather - ie how the currents are fllowing and what actually effects efficency. For the switchers they use in there design they are using syncrounous switchers in polyphase designs. These are concerned with getting every last bit of efficency out of a design at the minimum space usage and lowest cost. Your efficency will be dictacted by your choise of mosfets (rds vs gate charge), switching frequency, inductor loss and copper loss. The most important thing is to demonstrate that your understanding all of this like it is second nature. Less

Number of different questions regarding power supplies such as: Describe how buck regulator works? What effects efficiency? Describe effect on output when step response on load occurs. Less

Buck regulator is easy to design. A switch, a diode and an inductor with bypass/decoupling capacitors at input and output Efficiency = load power/ total power Effect of step on output will be overshoot, ripples, before it settle down to actual voltage level. What were your answers? Was there any other questions asked regarding digital design? Less

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1000bulbs to be shipped. Should all be tested or not

5 Answers

Have been on the other side interviewing technical, since 7+years. And in a better place now than in such a company Less

What has a technical interview got to do with should all bulbs being shipped to be tested or not?Get yourself basic tech interview training before interviewing someone. Less

Better go and do deeper research about it's losses and work culture set.

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ITP Media Group
Team Lead was asked...19 February 2020

what are your hobbies?

4 Answers




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American Express

How you inherit the properties of two classes (not interfaces) in a child Java class. Where as those two parent classes are not related and not of any inheritance relationship between them.

4 Answers

My answer is, unlike other OO languages like C++ multiple inheritance is not possible in Java, and interfaces can be used to achieve this with specific implementation. The interviewer is not convinced with this. Less

The answer is composition inheritance. It's not as convenient as implementation inheritance (extends keyword) but creating an instance of the parent object and making the child manage/expose necessary members. Probably be a good idea to create an interface to keep things. Less

You would be using the Adapter Design Pattern.

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If a gun was pointed at your head.. Who would you say you liked better, the Manager you interviewed with, or the Executive you interviewed with.

4 Answers

I didn't.. Very uncomfortable and awkward question.

I would use my own judgment in determining the answer they are looking for. The safety of myself and others around me is the most important factor. Less

I would have answered: "The person who was pointing the gun at me!"

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