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SOS Security
Lead Security Officer was asked...20 December 2019

Are you interested in starting at our highest security clearance rated building?

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Allied Universal

How Many years Experiences working In The Fiels as Security Officer ?

1 Answers

Answer: Over 10 Years in the Fiels .

Rocky Gap Casino, Resort & Golf

Asked about my job history

1 Answers

Very detailed of what I had been doing the last 25 yrs

Caesars Entertainment

If I aspired to stay with the company and advance over time

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Reinsurance Group of America

How would you work with a development team to mitigate risk?

1 Answers

In person, face to face.

TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

Example. Think of a time when you witnessed an officer break a rule.

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What did you do in that situation? Make sure that the answer makes you look like a rock star. Be prepared with a bunch of scenarios that you can use. It's not very interactive. They will sit and stare at you while you spin your tale. And you won't get any feedback. Less

TSA (Transportation Security Administration)

None; all related to job functions and pay.

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The hiring process is meant to hire; not single out candidates. You can take the test until you pass. Your skills are what is needed. You can be trained on everything else. Highly Technical job. A degree will not help you pass this test or be more effective than anyone else. Less


Questions were easy it's the usual scenario questions

U.S. Security Associates

Doesn't apply and if there was a interview, in the security field the questions are always the same. They never change, almost scripted.

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