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Logistics Coordinator was asked...28 September 2012

Are you ready to live and work in war zone - dangerous and hostile environment?

5 Answers

Yes. I would like to work in war zone

Yes. I would like to work in war zone.

Yes i would like to work in warzone

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Samsung Heavy Industries

Tell us what you know about logistics?

5 Answers

Analyse logistics pricedures

Logistics procedures is an activity that stars from the point of pruduction to the final consumer. From the warehouse that store raw materials to the the production plant to storage warehouse (finish goods) to the conveyor( driver) to the customers. Less

Logistics is the process of planning, implementing, and controlling the efficient, cost-effective flow and storage of raw materials, in-process inventory, finished goods and related information from point of origin to point of consumption for the purpose of conforming to customer requirements. Less

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Ryder System

Asked about previous employer

4 Answers

Transportation Resources as a contract driver for Interdesigm.

A temporary driving position to supplement income while finishing school.

Readmitted into school

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"In order to incentivize our best driver partners to use the platform next week, you are assessing the cost of the following......." You have to derive the answer from the given CSV dataset. The test is challenging specifically due to the time limit. They also force you to have to develop the context before being able to come up with the answer. I felt pretty ready for the test until I opened the file and it just hit me that there would not be enough time for this. You need to be doing very similar data modeling on a daily basis to be able to navigate thru the entire exam in 2 hour sitting. P.S: For the most part, the practice material selling on the web is outdated so you might be better off trying similar exercises on your own rather than paying for those.

4 Answers

I did coursetake's course got a $5 discount with code ACEYOURTEST. It might work for some of you or email their support. They give you the 3 CSVs Less

How much time did it take in your case to get a call for the second round after the test? Less

Hey Can you please share the screenshots you took it would be very helpful. Thank you Less

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DynCorp International

Can you stay away from your family for 3 months at a time was unexpected because to me it was something you should already know.

3 Answers


Yes sir my family 3 months at th a time because I weak in my company so family so Happy Thank you. Less

Yes sir my family 3 months at time because I weak in my company in to DynCorp international so my family so Happy Thank you. Less

Danish Refugee Council

Fleet Maintenance Schedule

3 Answers

I am

J'ai postulé à un poste de Gestionnaire de Base de Données avec le conseil Danois pour les Réfugiés (DRC) Maradi/Niger. Le processus a pris quelques semaines, après un test pratique, a suivi un appel téléphonique pour un entretien. Deux employés de DRC ont conduit le processus. Quelques jours après, j'ai reçu la notification d'embauche. Less

It depends on the time the fleet has been used. But the standard service time for the vehicles is at each 5000km Less

Anheuser-Busch InBev

Tell me where you from what you study (basically tell me about yourself)? The biggest risk I took? A difficult situation I was in? Mistake I made and what did I learn from it? If I had to ask the CEO 1 question what would it be? Who was my role model? What do I know about ab invbev ?

3 Answers

For the "know about ab invbev" question, I repeated some on the stuff from a very common ab invbev interview youtube video. Thereafter, they had already known about that video and brought it up. So use that video as a guide but don't repeat stuff. Less

Have they followed up on your offer yet?

Have they given you feedback?

Total Quality Logistics

If I told you, you weren't qualified for the position what would you say?

3 Answers

Let me prove you wrong.

Thanks for that feedback tell me how you came to that conclusion?

With all due respect sir i'd think your lying because who ever your best LAE is, im determined to surpass them and become the most successful LAE in your company, sir Less


The weirdest question was "If you have a 3x3 Rubik's cube and removed one row and one column how many cubes are left?" The kid that asked me the question looked to be about 19yo.

3 Answers

The answer could also conceivably be 8 (i.e. a 2x2x2 cube) if you're taking out a row and a column all the way through the cube. The question as phrased is not very clear. Less

Yah I did coursetake's course too and they had such questions covered. Very weird to see these questions pop up in Uber. Going into my test soon. Less

3x3 Rubik's Cube yields you 27 individual pieces. If you remove 1 row and 1 column that intersects, you remove 5 altogether to get you 22 pieces If you remove 1 row and 1 column that DOES NOT intersect, you remove 6 altogether to get you 21 pieces Less

Norwegian Refugee Council

Logistics technical questions about procurement, warehousing, fleet management etc. Behavioral questions such as a situation you managed while managing a team

2 Answers

I mentioned a case where I exceeded the question and showed that I handled it from a managerial point of view Less

I mentioned a case where I exceeded the question and showed that I handled it from a managerial point of view Less

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