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Machine Learning Engineer was asked...19 January 2022

Define Recall and Precision, describe diference between SGD and Adam


6) Cloud based questions (GCP pref. but i had AWS) and rate yourself on python


4) What is loss function and activation function? explain this W.R.T back propagation in NN


5) What is one hot encoding with below scenario, suppose the column name is country with 5 values of diffrent country, if you apply OHC on this how many columns would be created?


3) How do you handle missing data (scenario W.R.Y cancer data)


2) What is Vanishing Gradient and how it works?


1) Explain Decision trees, how how would a tree split numerical data.


They asked me how I did my course projects which I have done

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How to conduction feature engineering for the user submitted text documents.

Ignitarium Technology Solutions

Interviewer was very good, polite and knowledgeable. He asked about in depth conceptual questions from CNN, fully connected layers. Relu and sigmoid activation functions. He also asked to code reverse a write code for printing prime numbers using lambda, implement several activation functiona using numpy, keras in jupiter. Overall the interview was very good. Managerial round mostly describe about company work, all these things, as my tr round went pretty well they dint ask about again technical questions. Hr round: salary negotiations, about our interests. If you are a fresher and want to gain good experience and expecting lesser package, you can join this company

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