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Senior Machine Learning Scientist was asked...4 July 2022

How to distuinguish between business and leisure travellers ? Given a marketing budget, build a framework to decide when to apply booking benefit to maximise conversion rate

There were different machine learning classification techniques based on Booking domain.

1. What is your favorite algorithm and why ? 2. What kind of accuracy metrics would you prefer ?

Expedia Group

Typical Machine Learning questions with a focus on recommendations and setting systems up for it


A take home test requiring you to implement a Graph Neural Network on an open ended problem. Some protein dataset with random text added in. They say you shouldn't spend long on it, but this is a non-trivial task.

Heng An Standard Life Insurance

Why choose Hengan Standard life?

Design a system to predict how many days it will take before a hotel is fully booked for the users selected date range.


Question regarding project done in past, Fundamental of Machine Learning and statistics.

Exact Sciences

Please describe an advanced machine learning method, more advanced than CNN or RNN.

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There is no term 'advanced' in machine learning field, you just need to find a good fit for your problem. Less

Expedia Group

Typical behavioural questions - advice would be to think about how you work and what you can bring to the company. Standard textbook ML knowledge and some practical scenarios. For the final interview on the HackerRank submission the interviewer had prepared some questions based on my solution - so the advice would be to preempt questions / think beyond your submission.

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