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Mueller Water Products
Maintenance Planner was asked...3 January 2020

Are you comfortable laying down your tools, and focusing on maintenace planning completely?

2 Answers

Yes. Proper planning and needed preventive maintenance keeps repair time and cost to a minimum. Less

Yes. Propped planning does more for a maintenace team than another hand full of tools. Less

Rio Tinto

Give an example of how you handled a conflict or disagreement with an employee.

2 Answers

The answer they want to hear is "I spoke with the employee and was not able to resolve the issue so I got my supervisor involved" or something along those lines. Less

First of all, I gathered the parties involved, asked the necessary questions that allowed me to understand and address the underlying problem. The next step was to bring the parties together and look for a solution as a whole. This gave me a very good result and is what I apply in similar scenarios. In short: Conversation, Understanding and good communication. Less

Emirates Global Aluminium

My experience with mechanical maintenance

1 Answers

I provided the exact numbers, scope and domain of my experience.


Routinefragen für eine solche Arbeitsstelle: - Was waren die bisherigen Tätigkeiten - Eingehen auf den Lebenslauf - Was sind die persönlichen Vorzüge und Schwachstellen - etc.

1 Answers

Entsprechende Fakten und wahrheitsgetreue Antworten


Hardest one was proving that I was mechanically inclined.

1 Answers

How I grow up getting my hands dirty, followed by interest in physics, math and chemistry which made me pursue mechanical engineering. Less

JBS (Brazil)

Where do you want to be in five years? Asked by the plant manager.

1 Answers

I don't know, I guess I'd take your job.

BMW Manufacturing

Do I have any SAP related experience?

1 Answers

Am I good at excel and vba?


Questions relating to the specific tasks.

1 Answers

I was well prepared.


Asked whatever I have done in my career,

1 Answers

Its easy to answer if your resume is genuine, so I had no problem

African Minerals

How would you deal with a difficult colleague?

1 Answers

Patience and avoidance is key. That is, focus on minimizing crossed path and decipline yourself not to take a bait. Less

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