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Major Account Manager was asked...9 October 2010

How would you sell ADP Payroll services?

1 Answers

Used answer utilizing SPIN selling techniques.


When was the last time to had to document a troubled or low performing employee? How you handle the situtation? How would you do it differently?

1 Answers

Learned from previous mistake with troubled employees, spoke about SMART goals and 30 60 90 day documentation Less


Interview was straightforward. Asking questions about tell me a time... You were faced with a challenge. You exceeded a goal.

1 Answers

Star format: Situation Task Action Result


Experience in sales working with Enterprise Accounts, success and challenges, big deals, etc

1 Answers

What has been the most complex sale? and why?


¿Cómo me integro con el Sales Engineer para atender al cliente?

1 Answers

En realidad yo trabajo en equipo y lo hago partícipe en cada una de las reunions que voy con los clientes. Less


They asked me about my personal characteristics.

1 Answers

Aware of my characteristics as a person


Why do you want to work here?

1 Answers

Oracle is a leader in the industry and I have touched the products in each of the three sales roles at almost every customer I have worked with in the past 15 years. I have always worked with industry leaders and am looking for a new challenge....and Oracle offer the ability for me to span across hardware, software, security, storage, networking, and etc... sales - all of which I have done in the past. Less

Trend Micro Inc.

Wenn Sie sich ein Ziel für dieses Jahr wünschen könnten, was wäre das?

1 Answers

Mein Gebiet auf dem Silbertablett präsentieren.

DHL Supply Chain

Ask several questions

1 Answers

I was told that I answered well and I am more than experienced for the role


What I thought about working in an environment where there are many competitors in different product categories.

1 Answers

I said the more competitors the better

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