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Mechanical/Materials Testing Engineer was asked...25 June 2012

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

I don't think I gave a good answer, but this is what I wish I had said: I would like to be working for GE and use this job as a platform to grow the work, so that it improves the quality of GE products and ultimately the profitability (i.e. think Six Sigma philosophy). I would like to see it expand to the point where I am managing several other employees. Less


How do you size a rotary bearing?

1 Answers

Depends on the bearing, but they are normally sized based on load and rotation speed. Less


Introduce yourself

1 Answers

What's your weakness?


What makes you excited about working here?


What are your future goals as an engineer?


why are you interested in your company basic engineering background


Beam mechanics, helicopter rotation, what are different ways a part might fail.


why we should hire you?

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