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Mechatronics Engineer was asked...8 August 2019

They asked how I kept current in my field.

1 Answers

I told them that I kept up via checking articles in Machine Design and NASA Tech Briefs Less


How do you rate your proficiency in using Adams, Office, simulation skills.

1 Answers

I rated my skill in those softwares out of 5.

ZF Group

Which component would you choose to measure the position of the joystick of a yacht?

1 Answers

Potentiometer (OK but susceptible to wear), or a Hall effect sensor (better, no moving parts) Less

Prodrive Technologies

Vertel eens...

1 Answers

Je eigen voorstellen op jou manier en zorgen dat je duidelijk laat blijken dat je passie hebt voor een bepaalde technologie. Less

You are saying you are not here for the money,that just means you are here for the experience then you run off,right?

1 Answers

never say you are there just for the experience,say you want a comfortable salary for you to live comfortably with Less


We should we hire you?

1 Answers

My experience


Tell me a little about yourself!

1 Answers

I ama from egypt ..I graduated 2018 as a mechatronics engineer And worked as a mechanical engineer for 6 month at (VA tech Wabag ) an austarian company locates in egypt .. Less


Can you talk about your work as a DOD contractor with clearance?

1 Answers

We can not discuss what we do in the project since it is a department of defense incorporated operation. Less


General product development questions and product manufacturing.

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Basic control systems engineering knowledge.

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