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Senior Microstrategy Developer was asked...5 January 2021

Microstrategy implement transformation object in which side ? analytic engine or sql side or other

8 Answers


Could you please post other questions?

One question about monthly and daily table and mstr model choose which one when you put just one metric in report. There is no other serious question in the meeting Less

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Wakefern Food

tell me about yourself, level metrics

1 Answers

tell me about yourself, level metrics


Technical questions on Microstrategy. Some admin: user management, security. Developer: Reports, Dashboards creation. Differences between older and newer versions.

1 Answers

Did not do well on security as I did not work on admin side. Development questions were answered. Less

Hexaware Technologies

What are the different methods for Sequential Supervised Learning?

1 Answers

What is PAC Learning?


They just "scanned" my technical background no big deal any MSTR developer can do it with no problem.

1 Answers

It was a LONG process with at least 3 steps, i was available almost all time (not ofc when i was working), and in the end it was a big waste of time... Less

Lancet Software India

How do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

As an MSTR architect

The Emirates Group

They only asked the questions about MSTR's interface. For example, if you click on the Tools menu, what all options would you see in a document? No questions were asked about BI in general, or on the experience of 7 years.

1 Answers

Answered in the best logical way.


Scenario based

1 Answers



General questions about my experience

1 Answers

Reviewed my job experiences

Hexaware Technologies

What are the different methods for Sequential Supervised Learning?

1 Answers

Sequence learning is a method of teaching and learning in a logical manner.

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