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Why do you want to work in Numoni?

8 Answers

The products in the website were innovative and appealing.

As usual, finger pointing and blaming those who are no longer working there. For God sake, please take the responsibility for driving the company to the ground. When a company raised or failed, the leader should be blamed and not those army who work for her. Please grow up and start taking responsibility for your own shortcomes.

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Tell me about yourself.

4 Answers

Why did you apply to this department?

2 Answers

The usual things going through your CV...

2 Answers

If your supervisor is wearing a black shirt, but he told you instead that he is wearing white. Despite telling him its white, he doesn't agree with you.Would you go along with him to agree that he is wearing a white shirt or would you tell him otherwise? How would you go about telling him.

2 Answers

There were a couple of difficult situational questions but due to the nature of the questions it would be very easy to identify me if I were to post them here.

2 Answers

State a very challenging situation you faced and how you dealt with it?

2 Answers

Interview was more a casual conversation (which I really liked) rather than a list of questions an interviewer asks an interviewee. A few questions I remember getting from the CEO were "Do you watch Netflix? What series are you currently watching?"

2 Answers

What is your job scope in the current company?

1 Answer

Do you mind working shift?

1 Answer
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