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Growth Marketing Manager - Paid Search was asked...11 September 2015

Typical big tech interview with range of behavior/technical/analytical questions and more.

2 Answers

Any specifics? How technical does it get?

Any specific technical areas to prepare for?

OMG National

Three people invested. X invested 3800, y invested 4200, z invested 9000. They split the return evenly. How much more did x make than if they split the return proportionally.

2 Answers

I did the math and figured out the answer.... but try doing 50 of these in 12 minutes.... Less

come on buddy.. there was no math to do. You only know how much x, y, z don't know how much the return was to be able to do the math to figure it out. Answer: Not enough information Less

Rimm Kaufman Group

Have you work with excel in front of them.

1 Answers

Pleasant people and good company. Tough interview.


How would you manage a direct report that's on an performance improvement plan?

1 Answers

This was a huge red flag when it was reiterated by other interviewers and obvious during my interview with the the one employee I would have been managing! Wow! Less

Penny Appeal

Based on product knowledge and experience

1 Answers

what did I know about the muslim religion

Hearst Bay Area

I was asked a few generic paid questions about the size of campaigns I had run, the size etc.

1 Answers

I explained the scope of projects that I worked on, and what my previous role consisted of. There was nothing unexpected Less


what's your favorite excel formula

1 Answers

index and match

PMP Marketing Group

I was asked by the hiring director I knew the different keyword match types? I was also asked why did I want the job?

1 Answers

I answered the hiring directors answer accordingly. I gave him details and examples as well. I also answered his question to why I wanted the job. Less


Why do you want to leave your company?

1 Answers

Can you tell me a little bit about what you have done before in SEM?


What makes you happy?

1 Answers

What is something new you learned this week?

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