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Part-Time Account Manager/Bookkeeper was asked...9 February 2017

How do you get along with others in a work place?

2 Answers

I work great with others but i'm looking to work remote.

How do you deal with difficult clients and difficult coworkers?


What does customer service mean to you?

1 Answers

Customer Service means listening and understanding the customer's business and meeting their needs, always keeping in mind that my role is to represent the agency. Less

Delta Air Lines

Describe a time a co-worker was not holding up to brand standards. Actions & outcome.

1 Answers

Describe a challenging team project. Actions, your role & results.

Delta Air Lines

Describe a time when you were encouraged to ignore company policy. Actions & outcome

1 Answers

Describe a time you were at work and had to switch/adjust priorities at a moments notice. Less

United Airlines

How have you given exceptional customer service in the past

1 Answers

I told them how I felt I went above and beyond for many of my clients

Axcess Financial

What do you think you could bring to check n go?

1 Answers

Great customer Service!


Tell me about a time that you had a difficult customer. How did you handle it?

1 Answers

When I worked with EZPass in New York, I had a customer whose daughter had a transponder taken away from her. I advised her that the transponder that her daughter was using was a transponder that was reported lost. I then sent another transponder out to her. Less

Armstrong Group

Where do you see yourself in five years?

1 Answers

Advancing and growing my career with an established company like Armstrong.

Axcess Financial

Tell me about a job in the past where you were required to learn many small tasks in a small amount of time and how were you able to perform those actions?

1 Answers

I talked about my experiences at Cinnabon and that I was only given about 3 weeks to learn several small tasks, and accomplished that by learning them one at a time until I had them all mastered. Less

Lafayette 148 New York

Phone: Tell us about your worst personal CS experience and the outcome Face to Face: standard interview questions

1 Answers

Remind yourself before you answer every call if this were me how would I want this call to go.. take it from there, there is no business without the customer Less

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