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Patient Care Assistant was asked...8 March 2021

Do you think about a nursing career in the future?

14 Answers



Yes that has always been my goal, it will enable me to give more care to those in need Less

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Bluebird Care

How many years experience I have as a care worker?

13 Answers

1 Year

I have worked for 5 years

One year experience

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Care UK

What is your experience in Health care?

3 Answers

11 years of working in Hospital setting, covering multiple roles and responsibilities. Less

13 years of working in a hospital working with vulnerable clients attending to their needs. Less

Providing care and assistance needed by clients as required by the institution

Right at Home

Why do you chose our company

3 Answers

Passion to serve

To serve

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Home Helpers

Am I qualified

3 Answers

Honestly and straight forward



Loving Health Care

How did you here about our company.

2 Answers

I heard about your company on google search.

From an employee

Memorial Hermann Health System

If your department is an acronym make sure you know the name. For example "ER"...

2 Answers

Emergency Room

ER means emergency room

Cleveland Clinic

Describe a time you went above and beyond for a patient or customer. Describe a time you needed help with your duties. How did you approach the situation? Describe a time you had to deal with a problem at work. How did you handle it?

2 Answers

There are so many times. My motto was if it’s not god enough for me it’s not good enough for them. I wanted the individuals that served to afford the ammenity’s in life that you or I could afford meaning if they wanted to go out to a night club and dance why could’t they I made it happen. If they were going to a prom they wore tuxedo’s not just anything thrown together We pulled resources together and made it happen. No matter the sweat and work it took if the 8 individuals wanted to see the lights on BeravSquare despite (which I did not know at the time ) thousands of people that were going to be there. We went suffered through the traffic to park and get 8 individuals (with wheel chairs, and a dog) out to experience 10 minutes of Fire works but you know it was worth to be able to feel the cold air and be amongst hundreds of people they were happy and I was happy. Less

How Long Did The Process Take

East Tennessee Children's Hospital

Why should we choose you?

2 Answers

I love to work with children and to help nurses make their jobs easier

I was an Lpn for many years....I loved helping people... I miss it now!.. I no longer have my license....but still know how much these people feel when they are all alone and need some reassurance that they will be okay.. ' let me give you a drink of water... I will be here if you need me... I really care for the patient.. Less

Cleveland Clinic

What would you do if you saw a patient trying to get out of bed?

2 Answers

Good for you without experience you have the job Congratsss , but in my case them contract me but now I need take a math test I don't understand I left from the school more 20 years ago I have experience in medical field I need to wait 3 months for re take the test ridiculous if some body knows abort the text book I am appreciate thank you Less

I would tell them to stop trying to get out of bed and ask why they needed to get out of bed. If they needed to use the bathroom, I would help them. If it was anotHer reason, I would get a wheel chair. Less

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