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M.V Hospital for Diabetes
Physiotherapist was asked...14 June 2012

a patient is travelling in flight... wat ll u advice him

2 Answers

postural changes or mobilise

Deep breathing........

Achieva Health

How would you deal with a situation at work if someone that was rude to you and unprofessional.

2 Answers

I would be open minded and try to see their perspective and then I would listen to their reasoning and try to find a compromise. My way is to always the right way Less

Just stay calm

Vancouver Coastal Health

What would be your treatment protocol for a lady with primary progressive MS - contracture of the right hip flexors, poor balance, spasm on the hamstrings and PFs

2 Answers

- Splinting - PNF - Rhythmic exercises - Work with OT and Specialist to address contractures to improve overall functional range - Gait re-training - Balance training - all completed at the start of the day after a meal to ensure the patient has enough energy (There was definitely more to the answer - however, they were happy with my response) Less

Patients and understanding is first and foremost I understand this isn’t a condition that is easily resolved by strength training. Keeping the person comfortable and working with them at their pace at what they feel most comfortable doings important as well Practicing Balance and movement is good but are vulnerable to injury and emotional issues. Less

What hours are you available?

1 Answers

Told her all the hours I was available and we discussed my shift together.

Achieva Health

How would you talk to a senior in LTC

1 Answers

Like an adult with respect and appreciation in a positive constructive manner. Not like baby talk commonly referred to as elder talk. Less

King’s College Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

What would you do if you saw a nurse hoisting a patient who should be using a rotastand?

1 Answers

- talking to the nurse - talking to a senior - running MDT teaching session - documenting in notes Less

Aneurin Bevan University Health Board

Q: How would you apply your advance skills through an old team / culture for the benefits of patients

1 Answers

How did you answer this question? (Optional)

London North West Healthcare NHS Trust

Based on the current situation now with COVID-19, how do you think the landscape for physiotherapist job scope has changed?

1 Answers

I said that for inpatients, the main focus of Physiotherapist is triaging patients into different severity groups to help the members of the MDT better decide who to see first. Furthermore, to ensure that the patients don't deteriorate beyond where they're already at. So to maintain muscle mass and strength through active assisted movements or isometric contractions if they're able to, if not passive assisted movements. Positioning with pillows to help ensure patient is comfortable as well. Breathing techniques like ACBT or Manual techniques like percussion can be done to help clear secretions and maintain oxygen levels. MSK Physios additionally can provide education or treatment sessions online via zoom or any other platform. They can use these platforms to "see" patients and still provide treatment to a certain extent. Group classes can be held via these platforms as well to help ensure that rehab classes are still going on and they also help to form a sense of community given that everyone has to be at home. Additionally, can provide education on how to stay safe during COVID-19 and what to do should symptoms be present and how to go about taking care of yourself to not get the virus. Less

Gleneagles Global Hospitals

How to assess OPD patients .

1 Answers

I will listen patients problem and then diagnose accordingly

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