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Production Technician was asked...18 August 2015

I wasn't asked a lot of questions, can I work on my feet, am I use to working in extreme conditions....

3 Answers

My background showed them I was used to those extreme conditions, didn't really have to explain in detail Less

Did you do a physical and drug test the same day on site?

Yes both were at same time but at a clinic not on site


Was I married and did I expect to stay married .

2 Answers

I told him yes I was and yes I expected to stay married.,

That is actually an illegal interview question. Personal questions like that should be "respectfully decline to answer". Less


What would you do if a machine was down and you went to go fix it? But then there was 2nd Machine that broke down and the team leader from the 2nd machine came to you and was pretty heated and said I need you over here right now to fix mine.

2 Answers

Being that the team leader is the chain of command over the technicians, I would go fix the machine the team leader needed fix. The team leader is the one in charge of leading his team to the best production rate possible for the company as a whole. Less

FIFO-First in, First out Which means finish the one your work on and then move on to the next one. Because if you don't do this then your work will keep piling up because another machine could go down and then now you would have 3 machines down and time is money. Less


What is destillation?

2 Answers

My destination is instrumentation

Explain the reacter process?

Peloton Interactive

Why are you interested in Peloton?

2 Answers

Fast growing company with a keen focus on fitness, health and wellness. Love that I can merge my passion for production with such great subject matter. Less

The key in these questions is to cover the fundamentals, and be ready for the back-and-forth with the interviewer. Might be worth doing a mock interview with one of the Peloton or ex-Peloton Production Technician experts on Prepfully? They give real-world practice and guidance, which is pretty helpful. Less

ASM Pacific Technology

Why do you want this job?

2 Answers

I'm willing to learn and excel in new areas, and being a technician is one of them. Less

Because Basically I am a responsible person , dedicated, willing to learn new works. Fast learner, collaborate with colleagues, positive thinking, Good leadership/decision making,Able to handling/ repairing machines on minor problems .Innovation minded on job for increasing target .Able to planning/control in an emergency situation. Computer skills Microsoft office tools Less


If the pump is down and it will take maintnence 3 days to come and fix it. What will you do in the meantime?

2 Answers

see if you could change the line up to use a different pump

Work in another part of the plant that you may be reassigned to.

Aurora Cannabis

What made you want to apply to this position?

2 Answers

I've been caught in the latest round of "right sizing" in my current organization. When I saw this position, it clearly spoke to my current experience, as it is essentially what I already do. It also gives me the opportunity to learn new things, which is always nice. Less


Servpro Industries

Did I have childcare for the hours between 7:30am until 5:30pm.

2 Answers

Yes sir I do, my mother helps with my children and it shouldn't ever be a problem. Less

Yes sir I do, my mother helps with my children and it shouldn't ever be a problem. Less


Explain the relation between temperature and pressure

2 Answers

They are directly proportional. As temperature rises so does pressure and vice-versa. Less

There is a formula. P=V/T

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