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They asked if you are comfortable in the working conditions.

5 Answers

Most of it I am ok.

good luck, you need it, sincerely

you will regret it sooner than later. resign before it's too late. From past employee.

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Tell me about your working experiences

2 Answers

Why do you want this job

2 Answers

Tell Me about yourself.

2 Answers

How did you solve a problem in the past (construction issues)

2 Answers

Last year I have missed Exxonmobil Intership recruiment due to an overseas exchange program, and the interviewer asked me whether it is worthwhile to give up the intern opportunity for an exchange experience.

1 Answer

Salary negotiation

1 Answer

Describe what you know about ISCS and how it functions

1 Answer

Have you ever lead a team before? and are you willing to lead a team of technicians which can be difficult?

1 Answer

How many experience you have in oil and gas industries?

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