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Niagara Region
Health Promotion was asked...7 December 2018

Dealing with a difficult person/situation

4 Answers

What is your background/experience?

In interviewing people for my department in a previous position with an HR manager and Director present, I know often times they already have someone selected, and just go through the process for union purposes. Don't let this experience discourage you--you probably dodged a bullet. Take this as a learning experience. The Region is a toxic work place. It thrives on destructive workplace politics which hurts many good staff. Less

As part of my job, I interviewed candidates with an HR manager and/or senior management present. During interviews, they make up scores, already having had someone selected, and just go through the interview process. Don't let this experience discourage you--you probably dodged a bullet. The Region is a toxic work place. It thrives on destructive workplace politics which has hurt many excellent staff. Learn from each interview experience. Good luck! Less

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Freedom Events and Solutions

Why I should be chosen out of everyone. Asked what I like to do for fun.

2 Answers

No they schedule then on different days.

Were the interviews the same day?

Bath Fitter

If I had any questions about the position.

2 Answers

When can I start

I asked my questions about the job, IE hours per week, clarification on the work schedule, how a typical day was and how the PR was handled. Less


Could you read this paragraph aloud?

2 Answers

I did though puzzled as to purpose. The paragraph contained a list of product ingredients. Less

I also was asked the same question, however my answer flustered the interviewer. I said "Sure" then just looked her in the eyes. After a long pause she said " Go ahead when you are ready." I then said " I already did. What you showed me was not a paragraph as it contains no verbs, there are no sentences so there is nothing to read. I thought you were testing my knowledge of english since part of the job is doing reports that require proper english." She did not know how to respond. Since I got the job it must not have been deal breaker. Less

Connect6 Group

What is your favourite car?

2 Answers

Kia Stinger

Honda CR V

Phoenix Events

Said everyone starts out at entry-level and my 15 years of experience didn't matter. She asked if I'd be willing to work for 20% of what I was making.

2 Answers

I will be successful.

I said no.

Next Level Marketing

What makes you want to continue promotional modeling in New York City (I moved from another state.)

2 Answers

Promotional Modeling is fun, keeps me active and engaged with trying new selling techniques, something I can carryover into other jobs. I genuinely enjoy talking with people. Less

In this modelling activity i boost the company with my skill of modelling. I'm happy when I create awareness Less

NYSL Promotions

What did you have for breakfast?

2 Answers

What? What is this company about? Tell me. You lured my here on false pretenses. Less

Gullibility juice

Dawson Marketing Concepts

Where do i see myself in 5 years?

2 Answers

Being a loser like Vincent Dawson and the team at Dawson Marketing Fraud Concepts Less



What's up with you?

2 Answers

It's super chill interview they just making sure you are legit about doing the internship and will show up on time when assigned. Less

Did they drug test?

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