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Qube Research & Technologies
Quantitative Researcher was asked...26 March 2023

How to make a custom Python class hashable

Société Générale

Median of two sorted arrays


Technical Questions related to Quantitative concepts


Do you think the current inflation will end soon?


How do you infer economic trends from everyday information?


Expected number of samples from uniform [0,1] we should take such that their sum passes 1.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Basic bond math. Leetcode easy to medium questions. Why this role. Why JPMC.

Wells Fargo

What is the advantage of GARCH, BS model, and Stochastic process

Jane Street

If you have x amount of coins, in how many stacks and how many coins per stack would you put in order to maximize the product between the stacks.

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Write a python program for the task below

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