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Tell me what is your research interests and why do you choose to work in our research field

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HI, How long was the waiting frame for the offer letter and medical check up after they informed you that you were selected for the position? Is the signing of the offer letter is done after the clearance of the medical check? Thanks in advance

Hi, should they select you, the offer letter will be given within 1 week, followed by medical check up within the next few days depending on your availability. yes, you have to sign the offer letter first before going for the medical checkup. Good luck!

Tell me about yourself and your project.

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What is your career goal?

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Are you interested in taking up a research position here.

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Asked about my past experiences, interests and future aspirations. No difficult questions

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what's the future plan?

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Most of the questions are related to research experience and technique skills

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What was your previous research about/What was the research question?

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Honestly nothing significant as I felt they were more interested in fulfilling the role.

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