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I may fill some phone interview questions, maybe not.

4 Answers

Buy any one Discrete Mathematics is necessary.

Were there programming questions also in the test ? Please reply

No, but if you try developer, there should be. Programming questions were in phone interviews. Rejected after 3rd phone interview.

Tell me what is your research interests and why do you choose to work in our research field

2 Answers

working experience, any questions about the new job, etc

2 Answers

Describe a situation where you influence a team, face problem in your life and how you solve it, learn something to accomplish a goal, etc. Quite a bit of technical questions related to past projects you have done and how you would approach a real life problem faced by researchers (i.e. how to solve xxx problem a particular product formulation).

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How to bet optimally?

1 Answer

Job experience in detailed, your family background, your qualifications, your fyp finding, anything that he could ask

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What do you think of current challenges in Japan's Economy?

1 Answer

The interviewer asked me about relocation to London.

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Case interview: Market Sizing

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How would develop novel research ideas?

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