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Delta Air Lines
Reservations Agent was asked...7 December 2012

Why do you want to work for Delta?

4 Answers

Delta has an amazing reputation from the level of professionalism And elite customer service that’s shown and I wanna be apart of that and the fact I enjoy personal interaction on a daily basis and with my experience and expertise in customer service also my got to love her personality I truly feel That l’ll be a great assets to delta Less

Flight benefits lol

When they asked me that i said: "because its Delta! Who doesnt want to work for Delta?" Less

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A situation at work where you upsaled a client? Example of when you couldn't do what a customer wanted?

4 Answers

Did you move on to the face to face interview?

How long did it take from submitting application to final interview? 6 week since application or 6 week since interview and just now you got the e-mail with position? Less

How much hourly ? The ad says work from home how long are you away for training first Less

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Why do you want to work for Hilton?

4 Answers

Can you tell me if your withdraw button disappeared from your submission status during this process? I'm just trying to figure out what's going on with mine. Hoping that it's not a bad thing. Less

I do not think you can withdraw answers once the actual interview begins!! Hope you had good luck! I'm preparing to start training here soon and can't wait!!!!! Less

During the live interview, do they ask more interview questions? Or is it more like going over the position and requirements? How long did they say it takes to hear something back? Less

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Oberoi Hotels & Resorts

What will you do if a client wants to have you as his girlfriend?

4 Answers

Politely decline him and refer him to the manager

you can simply answer that my job is not permit me to do that also you can speak to my manager to help you Less

I would politely decline while boost his ego, for he is a client and he should be happy. Also I will assure him that the woman he ends up with will be the luckiest. Kind of like this "I would love to, Mr.Rajesh but I am not ready for a relationship. Also my job does not allow me to have personal relationships with the clients. I am so sure the woman who ends up with you will be the luckiest woman in the world. Unfortunately I am the unlucky one. " Less

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Nothing very unexpected or difficult. As this is a work from home position, I did have to bring in proof of my current internet connection/speed but that was fairly straightforward.

3 Answers

Hello. Do you still work for Uhaul? How do/did you like the Sales position? What was you schedule like? I am interviewing next week. Thank you Less

I do still work for U-Haul, reluctantly. They have changed the bonus structure several times over the past year. The schedule is either grueling or non-existent (there is no in-between). Scheduling is inconsistent and corporate has almost 0 desire to maintain happy employees. It's churn & burn. If you need the money/job, go for it. But if you expect a career or a good job, look elsewhere. At least a quarter of the people I know through U-Haul are either looking for work or have already found work elsewhere. Less

Thank you for your response. It was very helpful. I ended up canceling the interview because I can not start as early as 5am, but I am now doing a phone interview tomorrow for the E-Center Sales position... sigh... Yes, it's not my first choice in jobs, but I need to work at home until I get my business up and running. Based on the initial information I was provided, I was told they do not know what the hours would be.... a bit ridiculous. We shall see... again, thanks for the response. Very helpful Less

Active Network

No difficult questions.... How would you handle an irate caller? How many times do you think it's acceptable to be late or not show up for work?

3 Answers

I would remain calm, listen to them , repeat what they said , tell them the step I will be taking to help, be genuine and sincere. I like the priorities Less


It’s not acceptable to be late and not show up for work

Walt Disney Company

The most difficult job was when the leader told me to sell him something - anything. I always hate that question. I ended up telling him to give me something to sell - he chose his pen.

3 Answers

That's an old interview for sakes/marketing ... Diff company same ridiculous question. Really? That's like giving a banana to a monkey :/ Less

I took the pen from him and after giving him the features of the pen I asked one question. "Do you have another pen?" He answered "No I guess I don't". I then responded with "So you NEED this pen to fill our your form and continue your job." Less

Be very careful with this company they are not ethical at the interviews. They do descriminate on your age and gender. Most of their management are intimidated by your experience. You willnot last Less

Enterprise Holdings

What type of hours are you willing to work?

3 Answers

How long was your second interview? I was told it could be an hour, but mine was only 20 mins... Now I'm really nervous... Less

Currently working on third scheduled telephone interview. The first was basic, the second was a repeat of a few questions from the first interview and now Im waiting to speak with someone next week! Less

I answered that I am very open to different shifts. I don't mind being up early for work, but I am also a night owl and love staying busy in the evenings. Less


Tell me about a time you had a difficult customer. What did was the outcome?

3 Answers

Did you get called or emailed yet about training

OMG I have my interview tomorrow I'am so nervous.

How long did your background check took to clear?

Delta Air Lines

How would I handle a client when I didn't understand what they are asking for?i

2 Answers

Repeat what you understood the clients request and then ask if that is what they were asking and if it's not to please give me a little more information so I may help them with their question. Less

Do you remember any questions in your video interview? Thank you

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