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Retirement Benefit Specialist was asked...6 August 2019

Where do you see yourself in three to five years?

5 Answers

Have you heard back from them?

I think they’re hiring more than 1 person for this title. Should I keep my hopes up? Less

I wouldn’t. It’s been over a year for me, I went the test 2 interviews and no progress. I moved on because it just isn’t worth my time to wait for them to let me know one way or another. Less

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GLP Financial Group

Do you currently hold a life insurance license?

1 Answers


State of Oregon

What specific experience do you have working with a difficult client/situation.

1 Answers

I described a delinquent tenant agreement I entered with my company's software.


tell us and briefly describe your job history

1 Answers

I went back 20-25 years and walked through my employers, my jobs, responsibilities, and goals accomplished in each. Less

Canada Life

Manager met with me and I did two math tests. She also asked if I spoke French, and she went on to tell me that she is "fully bilingual" but she could hardly keep up the conversation with me in French.

1 Answers

I did not have any problems with the two math tests and had ample time to double check my answers before time was up. The interview questions were easy, given my experience in the industry. Less


Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an irate client, what happended, what did you do and what were the results.

1 Answers

Provided example when dealing with a retiree. Her funds were delayed and incorrect. Apologized to retiree, escalated the issue, corrected funds and had them sent overnight. Less


What do you need from me and a company to feel this is a place you want to work?

1 Answers

I need you to trust that you hired me to do the job. That means zero micromanaging and looking over my shoulder. It’s one thing to work together towards my development with the company, it’s another if I need to check in every hour and get on multiple zoom calls, pulling me away from supporting the team. I also need effective/ timely communication as well as a feeling of being valued and wanted in this position. I want to be appreciated. Less


What is it about Paychex that made you want to work for this organization.

1 Answers

With the solid history and continual growth from a local company that has grown nationally, I looked forward to join the Paychex team. Constantly hearing from other peers I've known in the past always speaking very highly of the level of professionalism and Job growth, made my very interested in joining. Less


What do you think are the 3 most important traits/aspects of sales?

1 Answers

Trust, responsiveness, and service. In no particular order


all 3 stars questions.

1 Answers

What was x situation, how did you handle it and what was the outcome.

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