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room, desk and car which do you clean first

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What makes you think any of the three are not clean already?

Rene on


Are these things mine or someone else?

Tommy on


My reply to the interviewer would be: It depends on where I am spending the most of my time and which would have the greatest visibility to visitors or customers. If we are talking about work desk, then that gets cleaned first. If it is simply a home office desk versus the living room, the living room gets it first. If I use the car to often transport customers, then that gets my attention first. I want to try to make sure first impressions are good ones.

Tom on


Depends on where i am now.

Michael on


This question is designed to test the divergence of your thinking. They never mentioned the size or the material from which your stapler was made from. Maybe the stapler is 50 feet long and made of gold? Perhaps made of copper? Notice the repetitiveness of the answers posted. Expect the same in interview sessions from one candidate to the next. Always answer in a way you know they wouldn't expect you to answer. That'll leave your mark.

UWO on


Actually, I would clean out a closet first, so I would have room to store all the stuff I want to save out of my room, desk, and car.

DibblesMcPhee on


This depends on your level of priority. If you let me know which is more important to the company then I could answer that question.

Mr Guy on


ALL these oddball questions are designed to test the divergence of your thinking (to throw you off guard, see how well you think on your feet, etc) It truly is a chance to make your mark... how many times do you look back and say "oh, if only I had thought to say..." These questions are SO much more fun to answer anyway, and give you a chance to be a bit humorous, unexpected, or even serious - but it helps you to approach even the standard questions (asked by inexperienced and uncreative interviewers) with some new life!

I agree with UWO... on


1. Depends on what you need to be cleaned first. Period. 2. I just cleaned my car. My room and desk are already clean.

Mitesh S on


Depends on which thing requires what amount of time, choose the task first, you can do in less time, so you can say you've accomplished something if asked some time later. Desk first, then room, then car.

FAS on


1. desk - I get in regular contact with it with my hands. It also makes logical sense to clean it before the room since some dust/debris may fall on the floor. 2. room - I either spend most of my time in it or sleep in it. Enough said. 3. car - It doesn't get dirty fast because I don't eat, drink, smoke or store junk in it. Floor cleanliness does not adhere to the same standards as the house since it's being entered from the outside.

Vlad on


desk room car

Anonymous on


Me: Car, at least I can remember a time that it was clean and work my way back to it.

Paul on


Room-need to sleep well to do well at work.

Anonymous on


Car - in case interviewer walks me to mine after the interview. Although, if the interview is at my place of work (especially my home office), the desk & the room get equal attention - the car is hidden in the garage. Context does matter

Cerridwen on


If they were ever dirty (highly unlikely) my first thought would be to start with whichever one was closest to you at the time you needed to clean it. Probably your room. If you clean your room, you'll have clean clothes for work and can find what you need to take to work (or your interview). If you clean your car next, the clothes you put on the next day for work (or your interview) will stay clean and you will have a place to put any of the things you take with you so you have easy access to them. So room comes before car. Now comes the tricky part. Did you just get hired? If so, the desk would come last, the minute you get to it. If not, the desk comes first. Clean it before you leave for the day so it is ready for you and looks spick and span for the company.

Stephanie on


whichever is the dirtiest and whichever is more likely to be seen by an outsider....

jahnavi on


Taking assumptions: Room- my office room where I spend 8 hrs. of my life everyday Desk- my work desk inside my office room Then my order would follow like car-room-desk B'coz I sit inside the car everyday to go to my office, then enter to my room and sit on my desk infront of my computer to work... I feel cleanliness and how you keep your surrounding area reflects your personality and working style. If you can't keep things in-order and in-appropriate way then how can one expect you to work in timely and orderly manner..!

Neha on


Room, desk, car

Anonymous on


The operative word is Clean. Having the need to clean implies having not maintained the original state and would also imply a lack of attention to the need to maintain the original clean or new state. A lack of periodic attention to the detailing of ones Desk, Room or the Car might imply being lazy or lacking in detail. Apply the Desk, Car, Room to any aspect of your daily responsibilities.

Mr. Tidy on


Car first, then desk and finally room. Why? Because anything removed from the car will end up in the bin, on the desk or in the room. SImilarly, stuff on the desk will end up in the room so why clean the room first when it is going to end up with the dirt from the other places and have to be re-cleaned

Anonymous on


Depends on which day of the week. If it's a Friday, I would clean up my Desk before I leave the office, so I get a clean desk on Monday morning. Then my room and on Saturday or Sunday my car. If it's in the mid of the week, then, my room, car and Desk.

TR on

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