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(for this you need to understand that Panduit sells mostly pieces and parts, but thinks of itself as a solutions provider): How would you position Panduit's solutions in the financial services industry space?

2 Answers

Panduit wants to hear that you can sell value, not sell on price. You should tell them you're willing to walk away from a sale before you'd undermine your own pricing system in a given region or industry.

When I first interviewed with Panduit, I was asked one single question -- Have you ever danced with the Devil by the pale moonlight? That was the defining moment......

What is your current position, could you describe it?

1 Answer

What value to you feel you can bring to our company.

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Generally on the personal or family issues which I am not keen to talk about, due to privacy concerns

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My experience in Asia

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What do you know about the company

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My leadership

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- What kind of video have you seen across their channels or something like that.

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