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Richie Rich Services
HVAC Technician was asked...5 September 2016

Did I speak spanish

4 Answers


Yes I speak

Little conversational

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Red Cap Plumbing & Air

Do you want to start out as a maintance tech and when you get you own vehicle run service calls?

3 Answers

no i am a comfort advisor



Zamil Air Conditioners

Refrigeration system

4 Answers

Completely describe about the system

Quite confusing

By which agency you get interview at zamil? Agency name?

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ARS-Rescue Rooter

When can you start?

2 Answers

I have other interviews that I would like to hear out.

i’m relocating to florida in a month


what is the Abbreviation of HVAC ?

2 Answers

HVAC means Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning

Heat ventilation and Air Conditioning


When I could start and how much I was making from my previous employer.

2 Answers

I have them the answers they had asked for or I would not of been hired.

I can startwhen you need and in my previous employer not much

CMS Nextech

Can you deal with a demanding environment?

2 Answers

You haven't met my wife have you?

Yes, I can! My step kids are artsstic!

GMP Technical Solutions

What are the psychrometric process in HVAC?

2 Answers

Psychrometric chart is type of chart that thru we can found the all value when two is known Less

Following are the psychometric process in HVAC 1. Sensible Cooling (Removal of sensible Heat) _Cooling Coil 2.Cooling to Due point ( Removal of Latent Heat)_Cooling Coil 3.Sensible Heating ( Heating up to Required Coil Off)_Heating Coil Less

HVAC Tech was asked...15 February 2017

How does a normally closed relay operate?

2 Answers

The normally closed relay passes power through the contact points, when the coil is energized, it opens the contact points not allowing power to pass. Less

The coil energizes and it changes state to open. Which does not allow current to pass threw. Less

Serco Group

HVAC hospital Operation

2 Answers

based on my previous experience I have worked in Construction of new hospital

I have 3 year experience in hvac field

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