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Security Operations Center Analyst was asked...21 June 2017

If a situation arose where your manager is forcing you to do something, work-related, in a way that causes you to question authority and your morals, how would you react and what would you say to that person?

1 Answers

I would do my best to remain professional and request a sit-down meeting with the manager (and include an additional person for clarity and witness verification purposes). Starting out, I would inform them that the directive or order issued causes me to feel uncomfortable with the decision or action needed to meet the desired result. As well, it would be in direct violation of one or more of the core values that BP has in place and lives by. In particular this core value (Safety, or example). I would then discuss with my manager any alternatives that could be made and recommend that all safety measures must be met as expected or all operations must cease until all is clarified or rectified. If none can be identified or if the original directive is demanded of me, and yet no resolution has been achieved, then it would be my responsibility to either speak to my next highest manager to reduce any unwanted outcomes. Less


"citez les couches du modèle OSI ou expliquer le protocole X ou que veut dire les abréviations XXX ou YYY

1 Answers

j'ai récité bêtement ce que je savais comme a l'école


How would you measure the weight of an airplane?

1 Answers

I would research such an endeavor.


How does SSL work? How do web certificates for HTTPS work?

1 Answers

After the secure connection is made, the session key is used to encrypt all transmitted data. Browser connects to a web server (website) secured with SSL (https). ... Server sends a copy of its SSL Certificate, including the server's public key. Less


Pcap analysis

1 Answers

I described how i do pcap by looking for Indicator of compromise.


Q: How would you react to an agitated employee shouting at their manager?

1 Answers

A: Make yourself an obvious presence, attempt to calm the employee without physical touch or demands. Try to diffuse through a calm and even voice. Less


What are three different IDS vendors?

1 Answers

Check Point Cisco Core Security Dell FireEye Fortinet Gigamon GuidePoint Security HP IBM Juniper Networks ManageEngine McAfee NitroSecurity (acquired by McAfee) Palo Alto Networks Radware Snort (Sourcefire/Cisco) Solutionary (acquired by NTT) Sourcefire (acquired by Cisco) Splunk Trend Micro Less


What is the programming language you are most familiar with?

1 Answers



Explain to me how you would go about attacking a system running such and such services and so and so ports.

1 Answers

port scanning (nmap)


I was asked how to tie my shoes without touching them.

1 Answers

Ask politely for someone to tie your shoes for you.

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