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Senior BI Analyst was asked...27 September 2020

Some SQL and Visualisation assessment, nothing too hard.

1 Answers

Just type out the correct query and send back.

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Why we need Tableau as a bi tool

1 Answers

Tableau is great tohave with the visualization methods offered


In Managerial round - given a scenario - One person is relocating from one city to other and you don;t know him But you will suggest him a house option out 4 that you have with you . So to give best house option you need to ask question to get requirement of traveler .

1 Answers

Think what all you can ask to select one house option. and also need to ask detail of all 4 house option . like where it is located , type , distance from office , school ? hobby ,how many member , budget ? Less


Give me an example of something complicated that you worked on recently? How would you explain that to a non-analytical member of the senior mgmt team?

1 Answers

Talked about marketing attribution, different approaches and the effect it has on how revenue is allocated. Less


"What Excel functions have you used?"

1 Answers

He asked the question after I told him about munging raw transaction data from a $50+ million dollar product line, slicing and dicing the resultant data by product line, technology, market segment, etc. I told him that I've been using Excel forever and that I use whatever function I need to get the job done. Less


In Tableau case study - given a excel file having some data . Asked to make attractive dashboard using good KPI as per your wish .

1 Answers

Use google .( all baby name of us in 1990 to 2010)


Time series question on logs of data

1 Answers



Domain related, They check your analytical skills and communication skills It is very good and helpful. Analytical round was good. Some case study also to evaluate

1 Answers

It is very good and helpful. Analytical round was good. Some case study also to evaluateIt is very good and helpful. Analytical round was good. Some case study also to evaluate Less

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General BI/SQL questions. Asked me to write a few SQL statements with usecase.

1 Answers

I thought i did okay. apparently not


Give us a quick analysis of those charts? How would you sum up machine learning to a data agnostic?

1 Answers

Charts were concerning covid-19 with different institution model forecast so I quickly described them. For ML I just said that it's an easy way to foresee the future based on your past experience. Thanks to data history and your computer. Less

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