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If you don't get the type of work you like to do most of the time would you still consider this role and why?

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The type of work I like to do most of the time is a safe decision yet this new role has the potential for a lot more interesting tasks and learning options to help me grow personally. There may be more risk but there also may be a higher reward.

They asked if I was willing to relocate.

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What would you do if you had both Canidate A and B at offer stage with employer X and only Candidate A at offer stage with employer Y?

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How long you are working on current role.

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What skills do you bring to the current group of Consultants.

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How do know about this brand? Why do you choose this brand? How would you describe yourself?

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technical know how of the most challenging problem faced and the solution given.

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Describe the most complex architecture you have defined

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How long is the notice period for your current employment?

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Nothing is difficult as such.its particularly why u r changing the job and how many years u stay if u r given a job in our comany

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