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Senior Engagement Manager was asked...19 January 2017

If you were a tree what type of tree would you be?

1 Answers

Are you for real!!


Why Reflektive?

1 Answers

Tech Start up and other details

Sun Life

If I asked your team, to mention 3 things about you - be it positive or constructive, what would they say?

1 Answers

Enthusiastic, Team player and 'doesn't know everything' but is resourceful and finds ways to move ahead. Less


How would I address a client's concern about project methodology (Agile vs Waterfall)

1 Answers

I explained that I would define the approaches and how both would benefit the client. The adaptive or iterative approach was the best approach to achieve success. Less


Interviews were based on what experience you have with customer engagement. Got asked to "Is there anything you want to brag about?

1 Answers

One of the PandaDoc Values is to be humble. I wasn't too sure how to answer said I don't like bragging about myself, etc. The hiring manager said don't you work in marketing aren't you supposed to talk, I was taken surprised by the hiring manager's response. Less


Demo/Presentation with several detailed technical questions.

1 Answers

I spent hours preparing the Presentation and Demo .


Do you know me, I see that we have worked together for almost 5 months at the same company ? After my answer: So you know everyone but me, don't you think that you need to expand your network.

1 Answers

Respectfully, I do not know you, Sir. Since you were at another location altogether(did my homework) I was working with X, Y, Z, A, B, C (other directors). Less


Why do you want to join Axtria :)

1 Answers

Axtria is a Bigdata analytics and Cloud based software provider to help much better data-driven decision, moreover Axtria combines industry knowledge and business process and innovatiove cloud technology to help their clients.. Less


How would you be fit for the role?

1 Answers

On the basis of the related experience that I have and the kind of e-commerce knowledge I have - I would be able to add value Less


Domande uguali a quelle tipiche situazionali di Amazon. Il CEO non sembrava molto a suo agio.

1 Answers

Metodo STAR.

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