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How long did it take for them to give feedback?

2 Answers

They didn't bother. They simply ignored the interviewees. Looking at their IT infrastructure and processes it seems that they have major communications problems.


We are thinking to arrange meeting room. Unfortunately, the wall between rooms is not sound proof perfectly. So You can hear other room's noise when you are using your room. So you are unhappy always. What we can do here is based on given rooms and users, how to arrange room separately so people dont feel unconfortable. [Row, Column, number of users you need to assign the room]-> unhappy point ex. [2, 3, 6] -> 7 [4, 1, 2] -> 0 [3, 3, 8] -> 8

3 Answers

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Find the Kth largest number in an array.

2 Answers

Some IQ question regarding 3 switches. How to determine which switch turn on which light with only one try.

2 Answers

Write a web based system using Heroku and AWS SDK using Route53

5 Answers

1. Right view of a binary search tree 2. Java threads questions, Build your own concurrent hash map

4 Answers

Format a string of numbers to display a currency - example" "1234.678" to "1,234.68"

2 Answers

Are you a fast learner and able to adapt to different working environments demand.

1 Answer

Lot of internal details for NodeJS/ Javascript/ React/Redux were asked

1 Answer

You have a workstation that is randomly not able to connect to internet. Analyse and describe the steps and methology on how you would resolve this problem. What can be the causes of this problem?

1 Answer
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