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Why php?

3 Answers

Simple --- CTO is incapable and inexperienced. At the same time acting as a rigid boss jumps all around. The entire team are trying to entertain his personal egonism not trying to solve problems. Welcome to boss shop

Hahaha, don't need to act like me

not my style of writing

How long did it take for them to give feedback?

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We are thinking to arrange meeting room. Unfortunately, the wall between rooms is not sound proof perfectly. So You can hear other room's noise when you are using your room. So you are unhappy always. What we can do here is based on given rooms and users, how to arrange room separately so people dont feel unconfortable. [Row, Column, number of users you need to assign the room]-> unhappy point ex. [2, 3, 6] -> 7 [4, 1, 2] -> 0 [3, 3, 8] -> 8

3 Answers

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Find the Kth largest number in an array.

2 Answers

Format a string of numbers to display a currency - example" "1234.678" to "1,234.68"

2 Answers

1. Right view of a binary search tree 2. Java threads questions, Build your own concurrent hash map

4 Answers

Lot of internal details for NodeJS/ Javascript/ React/Redux were asked

1 Answer

Live coding with some tricky questions related to NodeJS

1 Answer

Real question related to their project.

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Questions on hibernate,core JAVA,struts framework,some tricky questions like how to make a class immutable,How set will identify if duplicate record has been inserted,Explain Map functionality

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