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Do you need the job or a job?

2 Answers

I think the interviewer is quite "rude" to ask this kind of question... as it's just a 1-year contract position. How you gonna expected people to "lying" that is really something that promising...

I need the job to provide me sufficient experience in what I would like to venture out in the future. I believe that Apple will be able to provide me training and a team that could support me in what I need. Vice versa. I need a job because of my expenses that I am living on. Either way, I would only apply for a job I believe the company have the right values to educate me and allow their staff to excel in what they love to do.


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Inco terms. What is FIP

1 Answer

why traf

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How would you hedge a shipment of crude on it's way to Houston from Africa.

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They will talk alot about the company first and then will ask you to share about your job experiences

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