Business analyst Interview Questions in Singapore |

Business analyst Interview Questions in Singapore


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Who is Visa's main competitor? trick question.

6 Answers

most people would say its MasterCard. It's not.

The answer is "Cash"

I think it is various online payment giants, such as paypal, alipay etc..

Can you join in within the next 15 days??

2 Answers

Tell me what front office do you have?

2 Answers

draw and explain payments flow

1 Answer

What motivates you to work here.

1 Answer

What is the role of a business analyst?

1 Answer

Tell me about yourself?

1 Answer

What are some of your work experience.

1 Answer

First-round - My knowledge about About ABAP and BW Second-round - My values & behavior, leadership Third round - HR, salary etc

1 Answer

Market sizing

1 Answer
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