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Business analyst duties vary from company to company, but there are many questions you will inevitably hear when interviewing for this position. Overall, a business analyst is someone who helps organisations improve their processes and make the most profitable business decisions through data analysis and insights. An interviewer is looking for evidence of problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, negotiating, technical and analytical skills.

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Top Business Analyst Questions & How to Answer

Here are three of the top business analyst questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What do you think are the core competencies of a business analyst?

How to answer: Interviewers ask this to determine whether or not an applicant understands the skills and qualities necessary for success in the role. Your answer should include examples of both hard and soft skills (strong aptitude for numbers, analytical skills, clear communication, problem-solving, etc.) and mirror the requirements listed in the job description.

Question No. 2: How do you stay up to date with general business trends?

How to answer: Your response to this question is intended to show the interviewer how self-motivated and driven you are. An applicant who takes initiative outside of the workplace to improve their skills will leave a lasting impression. Include everything from reading the news each morning to attending conferences.

Question No. 3: What is your typical project approach?

How to answer: The hiring manager asks this to get a feel for your overall understanding of the analysis planning process. When answering, don't just list projects and processes. Instead, discuss the types of opportunities you might create and let the interviewer know you are able to customise your approach to suit individual projects.

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Johnson & Johnson
Business Analyst was asked...28 March 2023

Describe yourself and your strengths


Why you think the best candidate for this position?


How to communicate with people in the field

Ministry of Justice UK

Do you believe that data is important and why?

Tact IT

No questions as they didn’t show twice so impossible to answer

Insights Driven Research

Maximum HR asked their related questions or those questions which owner asked them to ask.

Project Outlier

Past Experience? Describe how you would gather requirements.? Explain a difficult situation?

Capital One

Mostly Case-related questions. No self-introduction.


What are your career goals?

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