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Driver Interview Questions in Singapore

Drivers are responsible for many different transporting duties and drive a variety of vehicles, working primarily for hotels, delivery services and restaurants. Although each company will have its own preferences as to what it is looking for, you will almost always encounter interview questions regarding general driving rules and your driving experience, situational questions and questions designed to assess your customer service and interpersonal skills.

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Top Driver Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top driver interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What types of vehicles are you licensed to drive?

How to answer: Although this question is very simple, it is extremely important and used to gauge an applicant's versatility and skill. List all types of vehicles you are licensed to drive and how much experience you have with each. It is important to answer honestly here; most companies don't conduct driving tests. Although they are typically asked for later, it wouldn't hurt to have licences or documents on hand.

Question No. 2: What, if any, vehicle maintenance work are you able to perform?

How to answer: Even if you aren't a trained mechanic, any automotive knowledge you may have will give you an advantage over the other applicants. Changing tyres, oil and other fluids, as well as any other general motor maintenance skills, are all worth mentioning. Make sure you include less mechanical, daily tasks such as filling petrol tanks, car washes and detail work. Anything outside of the realm of basic responsibilities speaks highly of an applicant's work ethic.

Question No. 3: How do you stay focused while driving for prolonged periods?

How to answer: This question is designed to determine how many hours per day an applicant is able to work safely. There are many ways to stay awake and alert while on the road, such as drinking coffee, tea or energy drinks. Rolling windows down for fresh air or listening to upbeat music can give you focus you while you drive. Whatever your trick is, sharing it will show your love of being on the road.

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Tour Driver was asked...31 January 2023

Expectations, traffic rules across Europe ecc.

Ford Motor Company

Do I have experience in the area?

Driver was asked...28 January 2023

They didn’t ask me anything


What times and days are you available?


Do you have a valid driver license?


Background check is the longest part


They did not ask me anything.


How does my previous employment relate to the position I applied for?


What qualifications or certifications do you have that are applicable to this role?

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