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Valve Corporation
Economist was asked...14 September 2015

What is 2^16?

4 Answers

Careful, it's a trick question. In most programming languages the upper bound of an unsigned integer is 65535 because counting starts at 0. Less

Anyone ever read Snow Crash?

65536(power of 2s) All Networking folks should get that

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The World Bank
Economist was asked...26 February 2016

How do you cross check data between different sources?

3 Answers

In evaluating the basics of data validation, generalizations can be made regarding the different types of validation, according to the scope, complexity, and purpose of the various validation operations to be carried out. For example: Data type validation; Range and constraint validation; Code and Cross-reference validation; and Structured validation Data type validation is customarily carried out on one or more simple data fields. The simplest kind of data type validation verifies that the individual characters provided through user input are consistent with the expected characters of one or more known primitive data types; as defined in a programming language or data storage and retrieval mechanism. For example, many database systems allow the specification of the following primitive data types: 1) integer; 2) float (decimal); or 3) string. Similarly, telephone numbers are routinely expected to include the digits and possibly the characters +, -, (, and ) (plus, minus, and parentheses). A more sophisticated data validation routine would check to see the user had entered a valid country code, i.e., that the number of digits entered matched the convention for the country or area specified. A validation process involves two distinct steps: (a) Validation Check and (b) Post-Check action. The check step uses one or more computational rules (see section below) to determine if the data is valid. The Post-validation action sends feedback to help enforce validation. Less

Apart from statistical descriptive that tells you if there are things like outliers or nonsense information, comparison study will show at which areas the two agree and disagree. Then the investigation follows to find out why they disagree. Less

I would think that as an expert the first step would be to prioritize sources. which source is from the more influential journal or institution? Then I would look at the way the indicators in question are measured. Are both or all of the sources measuring the same concept? This may not answer how though... Less

Moody's Corporation

What kind of statistical modelling experience do you have?

2 Answers

I talked about my experience with STATA and Excel pivot tables, which they seemed particularly interested in. Less

did you get the job

Ministry of Finance, Planning & Economic Development, Uganda

second was which are the MTEF sector and how are they related with central government and local government

2 Answers

the second qn. MTEF sector are education, health OPM, state house agriculture, accountability among others and please these are not ministries. there relationship central government gives funding to the sectors through line ministries and local government receives it through them from respective sectors Less

The MTEF marries a Top Down and Bottom Up Process in budgeting with the local government development plan Less

US Bureau of Labor Statistics
Economist was asked...24 February 2011

Tell me about yourself?

2 Answers

Usual crap

I’m an economist


Whether I am planning to go back to my country (!), followed by a comment that my country of origin is good just for holidays (!!!)

1 Answers

I was just speechless

Do you think cross price elasticity plays a big role in competition analysis?

1 Answers

Yes it does

US Economic Research Service

Discuss my experience? It was really conversational and pleasant. I had time to ask about the culture, job specifics, etc. Due to it being a gov job it was more informal than I have experienced in the private sector, but in my opinion much less nerve-racking.

1 Answers

Be yourself and honest. These people will be your colleagues...

Economist was asked...21 September 2012

What do you think about DALYs as a technique?

1 Answers

The interviewer was testing my health economics skills by expecting me to demonstrate knowledge of Disability Adjusted Life Years as a metric for assessing health benefits, including discounting. Less

Bank of Zambia
Economist was asked...3 February 2021

Were do you see yourself in 5 years time?

1 Answers

In a senior management position contributing to policy making and maintaining financial stability in the economy. Less

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