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Financial Consultant was asked...28 July 2010

What is the angle between the hands of a clock at 6:15?

5 Answers

97.5 degrees.

The angle formed within the time that has passed is 270 degrees. The angle formed between the hands of the time that has yet to pass, but the clock is reading 6:15 is 90 degrees. Reason being, a clocks hands go 360 degrees to pass through each second of time. At exactly 6:00 the hands create an even 180 degree angled line...each side of the hands will equal 180 degrees; added together equal exactly 360 degrees. Therefore 180 plus 90 degrees (hence 15 mins form 90 degree angles) equals 270 degrees. That leaves the remainder angle of time that has not passed as 90 degrees to equate to the full 360 degrees the clock is based off. Less

A circle = 360 degrees. Each half of circle = 180 The numbers 1 and 6 each denote the beginning and middle of an hour, respectively. The fifteenth minute of an hour 15 is the halfway point between 1- 30 (aka it is half of 180; or a quarter of 360). Thus, the hands at 6:15 are 90 degrees. Less

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What are the steps in Consolidation of Financial Statements

4 Answers

Dear Mr. Consultant, I can sense the burning from your comment. I expressed my view and it is none of your business to ask me to focus on my duties. That doesn't change the fact how bad your company is. And of course regarding the Video, I haven't said anything wrong, I just expressed my opinion. You comment itself suggests the way you treat the employees feedback in your company. And May god bless the people working in your Nalsoft. Less

Dear Mr. Anonymous 1. Please don't comment about the company whether it is good or bad unless if you have joined and worked for the company. 2. As you said, It's none of my business to ask you to focus on your duties, likewise, you hold no rights to comment on any company unless you work for it. 3. We know the fact about the company that we are working for. 4. And you earned no respect with your comments and we lose nothing either. Thank you. Less

Showing the video depends on the situation, however, it doesn't matter to recruit an employee. Of course, there will be a person to monitor and control in any organization. Focus on our duties rather than condemning others. All the best...!! Less

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IG Wealth Management

Can you find 200 people in a month for networking?

2 Answers

I will try

hmmmm they are actually looking during the interview, as how many people you may contact from your friends and family. 200 is just impossible, but you strive for your friends and family and at the end you have to go out as hungry sales hunter and 2 ~ 3 years will make you successful Less


Are you comfortable around churches and what church do you attend.

1 Answers

I said I was comfortable.


Basic Journal Entries

2 Answers

Dude when did u attend the interview ie which year..!??

As you said, "The person who valuated the paper doesn't have any knowledge on accounting because as i told every one who attended for written test are CA/CMAs so you can't expect wrong journal entries from them" You statement seems not correct in two aspects, 1. You know nothing about the person who valuated the paper. 2. I have seen many CA/CMA's who did wrong journal entries.. So, better to show our capabilities instead of giving jibe to others. Less

Equitable Advisors

Natural conversation back and forth

2 Answers

It was a good conversation and told him a alot about me

What kind of interview questions did he ask?

Fidelity Investments

30-minute role-play of a client/prospect meeting. As the interview started I was asked if I received the scenario that they emailed to me the day before. I had not. It quickly became clear that they were playing games and that no scenario was ever intended to be sent. Instead, they are testing you to determine how you react to a spontaneous meeting and how you think on your feet.

2 Answers

Dig deeper by asking open-ended questions to determine the prospect's true motivations and fears. Don't attempt to solve the problem(s) at that moment, but instead propose a few possibilities that will take additional research and close for a follow-up meeting. Less

Amen. Not an up to date process

TD Ameritrade

Sell me this pen!

2 Answers

This question, or a variation of it, is asked to see how much effort a candidate makes. Regardless of the answer, you can tear down the response. That's not the point. As long as a well thought out response is made, it will be viewed positively. On the other hand, those who refuse to answer or resist the request "fail" the interview question. In my experience as a hiring manager, it is a useless question. Highly qualified applicants don't fare well with this question, especially those with long sales backgrounds. Less

I refuse to answer the stupid sell me this pen question... I will walk out of the interview if I hear that stupid question. Less


What is the square root of 7?

2 Answers

If you don't have a calculator you can explain your thought process for estimation. The closest perfect squares are 4 and 9 so sqrt(4) = 2 and sqrt(9) = 3 so sqrt(7) is in between 2 and 3. Less

Plug it into a calculator you get 2.645751311 but know that the decimal continues forever so it is not exactly the square root of seven. Less

What can I do for the company what no other employee can do?

1 Answers

Increase company revenue like never before.

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