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Dover Corporation
Group Controller was asked...2 March 2014

What can you do with a pencil?

2 Answers

Throw them into the ceiling.

Write in absence of gravity

Hindustan Construction

All details about the Job and what is expected

1 Answers



What excites you about working in Banking Industry?

1 Answers

Very good


Q: What does Master of Arts in Public Administration mean. Did you study arts?

1 Answers

I explained that MA is a standard for humanities such as administration and economics. Less

discuess the European Textile Rules for non European country such as Brand Introduce in European Market,

1 Answers

European Textile Brand introduce in European special Seven major countries including United Kingdom has strict brand rules for Finnish goods label on it. Less


Which act governs Banking in India?

1 Answers

The Banking Regulation Act, 1949

Escher Group

What relevant experience do you have for the role ?


Have you experienced DATEV application?


What are your strengths? What can you tell me about this skill on your cv? Etc, nothing too complex.

Kerten Hospitality

Tell me about yourself? What do you know about Kerten Hospitality and why this role? How will manage workload and dealing with group offices and outsourced team? How comfortable are you working to deadlines and on weekends? Salary expectation and availability to start

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