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Kay Apartment Communities
Leasing Agent was asked...30 November 2015

Why would you consider working for us

3 Answers

Yes I would

Kay's management has been around along time always heard great things about the company Less

Most definitely love working an fixing things for clients


how would you handle a situation where two residents are complaining and arguing about one another due to noise.

2 Answers

I would suggest coming to an agreement between the two residents. Speaking to both at the same time, unless the situation required having to separate the residents and speak with them one at a time. Starting by letting them both know if they do not come to resolution today, this problem will only get worse. This small problem like this could escalate to a big problem with law enforcement or landlord's getting involved. I would Suggest quite time at reasonable hours, from 8:00pm to 8:00am, for example. I would inform both residents that there are no benefits that come with having enemies or drama. We all handle problematic situations, all we can do is find a solution and deal with the problem or live with it and not say anything. Finally, I'd tell both residents, respect and consideration for each other will settle there difference, right now. If thats what they want. Less

I would tell them the only way to settle this issue is to fight. Last man standing gets to make all the noise he wants. I would then referee the brawl, 3 rounds, 5 minutes per round. Also they have to sign an agreement to indemnify the winner from any future actions or complaints about the loud noise. Simple solution to this problem that will take less than 20 minutes to resolve. Less

Rent it Furnished

What makes a good sales person?

2 Answers

Assessing your client needs

Like “A happy wife happy life” my philosophy is happy client happy sale and a good reference Less

Kushner Companies

"What would you do if you were showing a unit and saw a roach on the counter when you walked in?"

2 Answers

This was a strange question, I imagine it was designed to see how I'd think on my toes, but it certainly made me start thinking "how often does that sort of thing happen to you? Less

That's a big roach.

Silver Star Properties

How did I feel about "canvassing" (going into office buildings and talking to people)

2 Answers

I said I was fine with it, I came from sales background so talking to complete strangers was not an issue. Less

I was told by a leasing agent with 6+ years in the Houston office that pre-sales grunt workers were required by Al Hartman to cold call/canvass area buildings until you are escorted off the premises. He said one previous Hartman employee actually got a tenant by doing that, and it has been policy ever since that success. I had a serious problem trespassing into buildings where signs say No Soliciting. My idea of cold calling does not involve breaking the law and getting removed by security from local buildings. I found it odd that a "christian based company" would endorse/require that behavior. Hartman Reit was not a good fit for me at all. Less

The Liberty Group

Why do you want to work here, what makes you apply here, what qualifications do you have?

2 Answers

I have worked as a property manager for 30 years . You have good ratings and I think it's a place that I would be happy at . I just like to do my job , meet people , achieve success and live contented . I don't think I could ask for anything more than that ! Less

Being friendly and helpful person I find working as leasing consultant fit to my personality. I started working in property management 1 year ago, this industry is new for me and I would like to gain and expand my knowledge in this field and apply my personal and professional skills I have Less

The Grove Apartments

What is your school schedule.

1 Answers

Just be honest.

New Standard Equities

Why do I want to work here.

1 Answers

This industry is interesting.

The Finger Companies

Tell me about your experience.

1 Answers

Just be honest and show ambition.

The lady with the botched lip injections asked me one internet generated question. Where do you see yourself in five years.

1 Answers

I told her that question is asked the most on my interviews for leasing. The truth is...the job is not for five years. They hire leasing people for the season and fire them in August. Bogus question if you ask me. Less

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