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Operators can expect to answer questions about how they would handle practical issues on the job. Employers need to know that candidates can handle potentially stressful scenarios and maintain a secure workplace environment, no matter what. Interviewers may ask about your previous experience and how it applies to the advertised position.

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Top Operator Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are three top operator interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: Tell me about a time when you diagnosed a machine problem and fixed it.

How to answer: The interviewer is ascertaining whether you have practical experience responding proactively to machinery malfunctions. If you have fixed machinery in the past, specify the type of machine and its malfunction. If possible, link the past scenario to the types of machines that the company uses. If you haven't had this seminal experience, describe what you would do if such a situation were to arise and the basis for your strategy.

Question No. 2: Which measures do you take to promote workplace safety?

How to answer: The employer is expressing concern about your ability to comply with workplace safety measures. The question measures your familiarity with standard practices. Summarise the complete set of workplace safety measures that apply to the machines. Then, put forward a suggestion as to how you would improve the existing workplace safety protocol.

Question No. 3: What would you do if multiple machines stopped functioning at the same time?

How to answer: An operator ought to be prepared for emergencies when they occur. A good answer to this situational question contains a multifaceted strategy: how to resolve the situation; setting problem-solving priorities (i.e. which machine you would fix first); and how you would mitigate the effect of the malfunction on the company's productivity.

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The Clorox Company
Machine Operator was asked...9 April 2019

Why do you want to work for Clorox?

9 Answers

Give life better

Company group up

Make friends with teams working

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Maruti Suzuki

Oldest job expected

7 Answers

I am fresher

I am fresher

My oldest company is the best company but my goal is growth

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Reliance Industries

this is moet important that the company must take some decesion to gave chance to talented student.

7 Answers

compony can gave chance

First of all it's most not Moet if you are looking for a talented people there are about 1.3 billion people living in India who are smart and better to think and give different ideas and no mention hard working Less


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TTC (Toronto Transit Commission)

If you bought $4000 worth of some items and sold it for $5000 dollars, making $50 on each, how much the each Item were originally bought?

5 Answers

$200 is right

Easy to answer the question. The problem is the time given to answer all the questions not enough. Less

figure out how many times $50 goes into the $1000.00 profit. Once you find that no. (20) now divide the 20 into 4000.00 The Answer is 200 Just to double ck. 20x250 = 5000 This should explain how to arrive at the answer. Less

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Martin Marietta Materials

How many years as a heavy equipment operator I had

6 Answers

16. Just told them what I did in the past and my many years of operations.

06 years

More than 15 years experience

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Niagara Bottling

How long have you driven a forklift?

6 Answers

I've been familiar with gas, diesel, and electric forklifts since 1981.

45 years , 12 mfgrs., from 500 lbs. 8 ft high to 50 tons, 100 ft high loading,unloading, riggig, inventory, quality control, verification of materials, have handled all types of lumber, trusses, doors, windows, prefab panels, any materials required to expedite on time deliveries. Have also operated 2Brower cranes, 250 ft. And 450 ft, bobcats, backhoes, dozers, pole cranes for setting trusses on 3 to 6 story bldgs. Less

45 years +

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Fort McKay Group of Companies

Are you still interested in the job

6 Answers




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Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank

how can you handle an angry customer

7 Answers

By being patient and let him explains his problem and try to solve it as soon as I make sure and it will not be repeated in the future Less

I think both are right, and a combination of them would be the best way to handle an angry customer. Note i did not understand the question requirements at first until i made the wrong choice for both of them. Less

Both of opposition is correct

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Do you get bored doing repetitive tasks?

5 Answers

I actually find them really relaxing.

No I like that kind of job.

I have done jobs like that most of my careers. I have worked in Manufacturing jobs that all had repudiative positions but found that O liked that type of work. Less

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Soon Li Heng Civil Engineering


2 Answers

9 years

6 years

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